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We invite you to make 2016 a year where you make a difference by joining us in one of two ways…

1. Take on the Dignity 300 Challenge

Provide ongoing support for the 300 Life Groups that are up and running by raising £1 per Life Group, £300 in total.

You can raise £300 in any way you can imagine…. swimming, cycling, drawing, baking, dancing, running, hosting an afternoon tea… Whatever you enjoy doing, do that! £300 may seem like a big challenge but don’t worry. If you don’t quite make it, the money you raise will still make a difference.

Sign up now by emailing jo@dignityonline.org.uk and telling her what your 300 is! Or call us on +44 (0) 161 434 8841. Jo will help you get underway with your challenge.

Alternatively you could commit to giving £300 yourself by setting up a regular gift of £25/month for one year. You can also use Paypal or card here.

2. Conquer the Welsh 3000s

Support an Impact Team member for 6 months by taking on the stunning Welsh 3000s and raising £500 sponsorship. Download the Booking Form or find out more.

Slider Welsh 3000s

“The Welsh 3000s: here’s your chance to climb all the mountains of Wales inside the space of a single weekend. The trek is arguably the ultimate challenge event, combining the true challenge with wilderness, excitement and awe – and all inside the space of one weekend!”

Will4Adventure – Mountain Guide

300 Challenges completed or committed to so far…
[list_square] [li]300 cupcakes to be baked and sold[/li] [li]300 miles cycled[/li] [li]£300 raised in a “pop-up restaurant”[/li] [li]£300 to be donated to celebrate a 60th birthday[/li] [li]£300 to be raised by a Santa Fun Run[/li]



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Sign up for either challenge now by emailing jo@dignityonline.org.uk and telling her what your 300 is!

Thank you from all of us!



Now create a fundraising page!

An online fundraising page is super helpful and easy to share with friends. You can set up a fundraising page using Total Giving by clicking the button below.

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And download a sponsorship form

A printable sponsorship form is available here:

300 Challenge Sponsorship Form



Send us your pictures so we can include them here!

The Why

2015 life group graph

In 2015 something amazing happened

The number of Life Groups meeting in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa passed 300!

Life Groups work on a simple principle

In every village and community there are those that God has called to reach it and transform it. We call these people “Oaks of Righteousness”. Some of them don’t even know God yet.

isaiah 61 v 3

We are pioneers

Our job is to find, identify and unite these people so they can learn together, grow together and reach out together. In Life Groups we have encouraged people from every level of every church to “be” together in their community. That’s what we are about.

300 Life Groups means an estimated* 6,000 ordinary, everyday Christians, learning and working together to see the Kingdom of God come.

Once Life Groups are up and running we provide ongoing support, training and encouragement. We do this by identifying and supporting natural leaders and teaching them to be pioneers as well. We call these people Impact Teams. From February 2016 we will be supporting 20 Impact Team members.

We are in this for the long term.
We invite you to join us in this exciting work in one of two really simple ways.

Get a feel for for the type of difference this money will make through the work of Impact Teams and Life! Groups through these pictures.


*A mature Life Group will have between 10 and 30 members. We estimate the membership of groups by assuming 20 people in each Life Group.