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Catching up with Lawrence

About a year ago, we shared Lawrence’s story with you. Since then we have been working closely with Lawrence and we are delighted to see him forging forward and sharing the love of Jesus in his community. This is what has happened in the last year…


We will keep on walking alongside Lawrence, equipping him with skills and resources that help him to be even more effective in the calling that God has given him.

Thank you for all you do to walk alongside Lawrence with us.

Will you help us to share the hope of Jesus with many more communities in any of these simple ways?

week of prayer

Take part in our Year of Prayer by committing to pray for 1 week…or more! You can pray on your own, in a small group or with your whole church. Download our prayer sheet and use our online calendar to let us know you’re praying for us and encourage all the teams!

regular gift

Start a regular financial gift to Dignity. By starting a regular gift you make it much easier easier for us to plan ahead. You can give online by card or PayPal at TotalGiving or avoid all online fees and give by Standing Order using this form.

(Currently 49 amazing people give 31% of our budget through regular gifts ranging from £3 to £300. Churches give another 13% through regular gifts. Last year we spent £90, 846.)

Celebrate birthday

Join the birthday fun by either coming to the Manchester party or by organising a party near you or a Dignity Sunday in your church. Email us now to register now for your party pack (digital version).

10 years old in 10 weeks!

Dignity's 10th Birthday


Wow! Dignity is going to be 10 years old this autumn. This landmark birthday feels like a watershed as we look back and see how far God has brought us and look forward to what we believe God is laying before us.

We would love you to join us in celebrating and thanking God for all he has done and committing our future to him. There are 2 simple ways to celebrate with us.

Join the Manchester Party

We will be hosting a Birthday Party on 7th October in Manchester, UK. We would love you to join us. Even better, can you bring 10 friends? Tickets will be available soon. In the meantime, express your interest in joining the fun or sign up to volunteer on the day by emailing us.

Organise a celebration near you

You could host a party on the same day, 7th October, or organise a Dignity Sunday at your church the next day. Let us know you are planning something and we will send you a Birthday Pack with stories and videos that will equip you to share the story of Dignity and celebrate with us. Order your Birthday Pack by email.

Esther’s Story

We recently visited the Impact Team in Katima Mulilo, Namibia. While there we were chatting to Carol who told us that she thought nothing would ever change. Having lived in the community for years she has seen many different agencies and political parties come and go. She has seen them make promises that have subsequently not been honoured. She has watched as people have waited and waited, feeling powerless to change what has become a culture of dependency. She spoke of an unwillingness or inability to stand for something different in the community where, “this is just the way it is”.

The fledgling Dignity Impact Team in the area believes otherwise. They believe there can be a change for the better and they are giving their time and energy to try and start a movement in their communities. Esther is part of the team and this is her story.

We are so thankful for Esther and those who she works with! Will you join us in supporting Esther and those like her by committing to pray for 1 week?

week of prayer

June Update

Are you a facts and figures person? Do you want a bit more detail about our plans? Check out our June update below.

June 2017 Update

Read here…
Jon and Jude Witt returned to Zambia late June and are settling back in there. Priorities and plans have been set for the rest of the year and a busy couple of months with amazing volunteers taking on challenges to support the Dignity movement.

2017 07 Tobbias Walter Mombasa

See previous updates and get a picture of how our work has grown over the years on our new Facts & Figures page.

The headmen of Kundamfumu

So often we greet something new with suspicion. We’ve all done it; we are wary of what we do not know.

This is often the way for Impact Teams and Life Groups. When a team travels to a new area people are wary. They wonder who these outsiders are. When a Life Groups begins in a community, people question their motives and wonder if they will upset the status quo. People’s trust has to be won. This takes time.

In Zambian villages and communities the Chief and Headmen play a really important role. They hold the responsibility for decision making and steering the community forward. For obvious reasons it is important for Impact Teams to engage with the Chief and Headmen in any new areas they reach out to. We have seen this work easily and we have seen it be a real struggle.

We were delighted that a recent training event held in Kundamfumu had been attended by 3 village headmen. Not only had they come to hear what the Central East Impact Team had to say, they were excited by what they heard!

As a result the Headmen has pledged to encourage the village committees to be a part of the movement that is beginning in their area. This will greatly ease the way forward and open doors for the Impact Team and any Life Groups that begin. The headmen have also pledged to ask the Chief to call a meeting for all the Headmen in his Chiefdom so they can share what they have heard.

Please join us in thanking God for this amazing open door and for asking for his protection over this new beginning.

Fester’s Story

When you meet Festers you can’t help but be touched by his big smile and the twinkle in his eyes! A quiet, gentle man, he always greets you with that smile.

We first met him in July 2014 when he joined one of our schools of evangelism in Mpika, the “local” town…which, if my memory serves me well, is roughly 160km away from the village in which he lives. A friend had told him about the training event we were running and he decided it was worth making the journey. We’re glad he did!

Today he is an Impact Team leader, teaching others how to plant Life Groups and bring hope to their communities. This is his story.

We are so thankful to God for Festers and all he is doing. What a superstar!

Stand with Festers

If you are inspired by Festers’ story, why not stand with him and others like him in prayer?

We would love you, your small group or church to join us by signing up to pray for with us for a week. Simply book your week using the calendar and we will contact you soon.* Please start your week of prayer on a Monday.

(*By giving us your details you are agreeing to be added to our database and to receiving our updates. Please email us if you do not wish to be added to our database. A copy of our Data Protection Policy is available upon request.)

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Walking Marathon…Walked!

Dignity Walking Marathon…Suitable for legs of all ages – 24th June 2017

A huge well done to all 28 walkers who took part in the first ever Dignity Marathon!

What a great day we had for our inaugural marathon. By the end of the day there were lots of tired feet and big smiles…along with lots of stories! It was great to support our team of walkers with cookies, flapjacks, balloons, medals and general cheering on….

Route & distances

Starting out from Buxton train station the route took in the edge of the peak district, dropped down to Errwood Reservoir and then followed the Peak Forest Canal, Goyt River and Mersey River back to Didsbury. The total distance was just over marathon length at 27 miles.


This event was raising funds for our work in remote communities, predominantly in Zambia, Namibia and Tanzania. The money raised will help support Impact Team members like Dorothy. You can read her story on below.

Current Total Raised: £5140 (incl estimated Gift Aid)

Every penny has the potential to make a difference to many lives. Huge thanks to all our walkers and everyone who sponsored them. Thank you!

All that’s left now is to for us to put the money you have generously given to work bringing hope and transformation to many communities.


Meet Dorothy

Dorothy is in many ways a typical Zambia matriarch. She lives in the far north west of Zambia with her husband and their extended family. Currently there are 18 people living at Dorothy’s home. Dorothy oversees work on the family farm and also does tailoring work. Despite facing a number of challenges, Dorothy volunteers as a Dignity Impact Team member.

As an Impact Team member Dorothy travels to villages and communities around her province helping others begin Life Groups. Life Groups equip people to transform their community and tackle poverty through the love of Jesus. Life groups are doing amazing things. They are caring for the elderly or orphaned. They are helping people break free from addiction. They are serving communities, building bridges or applying for boreholes. They are sharing and showing the good news of Jesus!

We support Dorothy with regular training and with a monthly allowance that helps her travel. £100 would support Dorothy or a team member like her for a just over a month! Each team member supports an average of 22 Life Groups, meaning an estimated 440 people receive regular discipleship.

Meet more of the team…

Walking for and with Dignity. ~ an account of the day by Philip Robinson ~
Edge of the peaks, surrounded by fresh air and sheep.
Up the hill and down to the lake;
through the forest, toilet break,
crossed the road that would take us to the canals.
The ripples told stories of life beneath the murky waters,
As ducks, geese and a lone-hunting heron negotiated their place,
Fleeing, flying but always watching as boats delivered wine-sippers to the nests of their dreams.
The moor-hens busied themselves hiding and finding reeds;
Their bright red beaks gave them away.
“Civilisation!” Cried a walker, now starting to feel the pain of pursuit;
We paused in wonder of age old engineering, opening and delivering boats from heights to depths, refusing to let the hills stop their flow.
“Bike!” We moved to the right.
“Red truck!” We ticked our list, as the fire-engine rumbled along the gravelled road.
“Have you seen a man, who has had enough of this life and threatens to throw himself in?” The fireman asked, as though this was just another day of duty along this path.
“No.” We replied, but further on they knelt by his side bidding him to breathe and fill his lungs and mind with hope.
Now pass the aqueduct and down to the road,
“It’s all flat from here.” I’ve heard that before.
“Horse!” We reached a farm but missed the bridge; a chance to meet the locals.
“Where’re you from then?” A farmer asked a walker, whose appearance placed him elsewhere.
“Born and bred in this city.” He responded, unable to hide his fury, obviously asked that times before.
“Italy?” The farmer grinned and queried, accepting that as closer to the truth than we were from home. By now the American, Iranian, Irishman, Bajan and actual Englishman realised we had missed our turn.
Flapjacks awaited. We didn’t hug the marshal but devoured the contents of the ziplock bag, which up to then were the subject of rumour and incentive.
We made it to the city and endured the stares, as by then we looked like men who had lost their way.
“Not far now!” Funny how 7 miles seems a stroll against the 20 covered before.
Familiarity fuelled our feet, though joints and soles faced defeat;
we hugged the river and made jokes to hide the pain, suggesting that we would do this again.
But the last 3 miles felt like all was in vain and each step was met with the groans of trying.
Each step and each try led us to the sight of home, where balloons and well-wishers beckoned us on.
Medals presented, hugs and pats on the back, met with the smell of fine grilling and the sound of claps.
We were welcomed like champions, ate burgers, drank tea, then hobbled and limped our separate ways, bonded by Dignity.

Here’s some of our favourite photos from the day…


Wow! What a weekend we had!

Thanks to our 6 cyclists, Keith, Rob, Paul, Stuart, Ste and Michael who gave it their all to cycle 140 miles from Whitehaven to Tynemouth. They took in the mighty climbs of Whinlatter, Hartside and Parkhead as well as finding their way through Penrith, Keswick, Gateshead and Tynemouth! Legends.

Thanks as well to everyone of you who sponsored them. Your generosity made their hard work worthwhile.

All that’s left now is to for us to put the money you have generously given to work bringing hope and transformation to many communities.

Here’s a little thank you video and some of our favourite photos!

Intelligence Manchester

You are invited to join us for Intelligence Manchester.

Book your place here or by emailing Places are free, however we would like those that can to consider making a £10 donation to the work of Dignity. This can be paid on entry.

Tea and Coffee will be provided. We are not able to provide lunch so please feel free to bring along a packed lunch or pop to the local shops during the lunch break.

Join the facebook event here.

Intelligence flyer June 2017 Manchester small-page-001

Summer Classics

For the fourth year running Robin Steven’s is kindly hosting his Summer Classic concert in support of Dignity. Join us for another lively and creative evening of music from some spectacular musicians and support Robin and Dignity!

Summer Classics Flyer A3 yellow