2017 is the year of Deeper!

We’re working to equip Life Groups to plant a new group in their neighbouring community. This could mean a doubling of the number of Life Groups and people who are getting to know Jesus and bringing hope to their communities.

If every Life Group plants another group in the 2017, there would be 712 communities and an estimated 14,000 people being taught about Christ, 14,000 people with the potential to make a difference in the life of a neighbour and 14,000 people where God’s ideas and ventures of tomorrow can take share and find expression.

To help make Deeper happen, we have planned some exciting fundraising events to suit everyone for 2017. We invite you join us on this life changing endeavour.

How will you dig deep?

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Chosen Challenge
 Coast to Coast Walking Marathon 10x10 Challenge


2 day Coast to Coast Bike Ride
19th – 21st May 2017

Course: Whitehaven to Tynemouth | Fundraising Target: £1,000*
Super Fundraiser Bonus: Raise £1,500 and your fees will be waived.*
Cost: £195/person, including transport from Manchester, food and accommodation
Deposit: £50. *Reach the upper fundraising target and Dignity will cover the remaining £145 of your costs.
Event details…


Dignity Walking Marathon – Suitable for legs of all ages!
24th June 2017

Fundraising Target: £100 per person
Full Course: Buxton train station to Ivy Church Manchester – 26.2 miles
Partial Course: Set your own target, with options to finish at different train stations along the way (shortest option is 8.5 miles)
Cost: £10/adult, £5/child (age 14 and under)
Advance registration and payment essential
Event details…


The 10×10 Dignity Challenge
Raising £10,000 before our 10th birthday

What: We’re asking 100 supporters to raise 10 “tenners”
When: Before our 10th birthday on 9th October 2017
How: Bake, dance, swim, run, sing…whatever you love doing! Be imaginative and share your ideas with us to inspire others
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