Life Skills

The people we work with are some of the poorest, most vulnerable people in the world yet we are seeing them discover their God given purpose and bring real and lasting hope to their communities. Some of this is in very practical ways.

Farming in lunsemfwa 2

Education levels are typically low in rural areas with many people not being educated beyond primary level. So, along with the heart, desire and focus that comes from a growing relationship with Jesus and a practical course such as Love Your Village, skills and education are needed. We are responding to this need by introducing Life Skills. Whether it be learning how to increase yields in farming, how to take care of HIV victims or looking after orphans, we believe that allowing villagers the opportunity of learning more will help the fulfil their God-given role in their community.


We are not experts in farming or health care so rather than start from scratch we are building partnerships with people who have the relevant experience and skills. Without losing our focus on discipleship, our desire is to see knowledge and skills flowing through Life! Groups and reaching many villages across rural Zambia and beyond and, one step at a time, we are working towards that aim. We want to broaden what we are offering the make the largest impact possible.

You can find out about our current partnerships here.

Life Skills Case Study

An elderly man in Chibombo village was living in very dilapidated conditions. His roof leaked and his house was dirty.


His church wasn’t helping him but Margaret Chepa organised her Life! group to help him. They mended his roof, cleaned his house and helped him day-to-day.


His life has now changed. He is now a part of the Life! Group and his faith in Jesus has been restored.


Another lady in the village was so amazed that a group of villagers had done this, rather than an NGO, that she has joined the group.