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Our 2018 Charitable Investment Prospectus gives you the opportunity to add your influence to the prayer, hard work, hopes, dreams and faith of thousands of people that are part of the Dignity movement.

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Meet Moses

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Moses has been partnering with us since 2015. Give him 2 minutes of your time and he’ll tell you why he gives his time to plant Life Groups.


Data Protection

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One of the biggest changes to UK data privacy law comes into effect on 25th May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR for short) is a really positive step towards you having more control over how your data is used and how you are contacted. The changes will also help to better protect your personal data.


As part of these changes, we need you to tell us how you would like to be contacted. You can do this really easily by completing the form on this page.

Of course, you can always change your mind. If you would like to start hearing from us in different ways or stop hearing from us, simply fill in the form again and we will update our records accordingly.

If we don’t hear from you before 25th May 2018 we will have to stop contacting you…so please do fill in the form. We’d be really sad to lose you.

We are committed to looking after your data well. Are data protection policy and privacy policy are currently being updated, but they’ll be here for you to access very shortly.


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2018 Summer Challenges

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We love to make fundraising FUN!

Every year we facilitate summer challenges that let you take on something new or push yourself to a new achievement. We will be your number one cheerleaders and help you reach your goals.

Sign up today, take on a great personal challenge and ask you friends and family to make it even more valuable by sponsoring you to see more AMAZING LIVES and EVERYDAY MIRACLES.



Do want to find out more or sign up? Send us an email on: or use the form below.

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Planting new things…

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Have you heard about our Deeper Campaign?

Over the last year we’ve been working to equip Life Groups to plant a new group in their neighbouring community. We want to see a critical mass of active Christians leading to thriving communities and lives full of hope!

As part of this we’ve written Plant: a short, simple training module that Life Group leaders can work through together and learn how to help someone else do plant a Life Group. Simple…and powerful! Here’s a pictorial adventure of Plant…


Step 1…

Get translated into different languages. English, Bemba and Lunda available.



Step 2…

Get wrapped up tight and sent off on a journey half way around the world!



Step 3…

Arrive with an Impact Team member, ready to be distributed to a team.



Step 4…

Get shared out with the Impact Team members for them to take to Life Group catch ups!

(Pictured: Bernard, Ken & Esther – Central Impact Team)

In 2018 we will…

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2018 is here and we’ve been looking ahead and laying plans. This is what we want to achieve this year…

There are 2 really simple things we need you to do so that together we can help more people like Myombo, Edina and Festers and see more AMAZING LIVES and EVERYDAY MIRACLES.


Based on James 1, our 2018 Year of Prayer is hot off the press. Please download it, stick it somewhere you’ll see it every day and partner with us in prayer.



As it stands, we don’t have the money to achieve the plans you’ve read about. We need you to help us! Please partner with us financially by setting up a regular or one-off gift.

Find our about different ways to give here or simply donate now by card using Total Giving.

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Your prayers and generosity really will make a difference!

2017 in short…

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2017 was a year full of AMAZING LIVES and EVERYDAY MIRACLES! Here it is in a nutshell…

Radical? Session 7 – Are you Radical? – A Call to Arms

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Radical? – A Radical in Waiting

The fourth session in the inspiring and hard hitting Radical? series

Merry Christmas and Thank You!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us!

On behalf of the 10,000* Life Group members, 539 Life Groups leaders, 46 Impact Team Members, the board of Trustees, Jon & Jude Witt and myself, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A very big THANK YOU!!

We’d also like to say a really big thank you for your support throughout 2017. Whether you’ve prayed, donated, volunteered, cycled, walked a marathon, written a session for Foundations, sent us an encouraging word, celebrated our birthday with us or simply taken the time to read these updates…thank you! We are so grateful to God for the support you give us. Why not take a couple of minutes to see the difference your support continues to make by watching one of our videos again. They tell the stories of amazing lives and everyday miracles.






Or if you’re a detail person, why not make a cup of tea and read our 10th birthday timeline?

We hope the stories of amazing lives and everyday miracles are a huge encouragement to you. They are the best thank you gift we can give you!

Wishing you great joy this Christmas!

Brenda’s Story

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Meet Brenda

“I know that I am the walking dead” said Brenda as she explained her background to Moses, a Dignity Impact Team member. Brenda is HIV positive. In Namibia, as in many other African countries, there is a large stigma for sufferers of HIV and Aids. People believe that you are a person of loose morality or that you are dangerous. In reality, many of those who suffer are simply unlucky or not educated to know about how the virus spreads. Sadly, exclusion from the church and the community stigma led her to lead a more solitary life than she would have liked.

In early 2017, Brenda started attending a Life Group in an area called Cowboy near Katima Mulilo, Northern Namibia. The Life Group chose to welcome her in by doing so they stood against the norm of their society. Through the teaching and community of the group Brenda grew both as a Christian and as a person. “I used to think that if I’m HIV positive, that I couldn’t be a child of God”.

As the group made her welcome, Brenda felt safe to open up about her battle with HIV. She talked about her testimony and how her taking antiretrovirals (ARVs) had made her feel significantly better. However, it wasn’t just her body that was feeling better, her soul was alive! She said, “I feel joy in me that I didn’t have before”. Brenda has grown in her relationship with Jesus throughout 2017 and she is full of thanks to God for what he has done in her life.

Loving others

But Brenda’s story doesn’t end there. She could see the suffering of others in her community also battling HIV and Aids. Due to her open-ness about her own status, many other people who are HIV positive joined the Life Group. They felt they could be open and accepted within the group because Brenda was like them and would understand them. They learned to live together and to learn about Jesus together.

“This group brings the Word of God close to the people. They can relate to God,” Brenda explains. Many of those sufferers have also come to Jesus and opened up about the challenge of difficult living with HIV and Aids. The group is a place in the community where they can be open, where they can be free.

Being the difference

One of Dignity’s main elements of training is to introduce the idea of community responsibility. We believe it’s the Christian and right thing to do. Together, the Life Group in Cowboy introduced a scheme that has become popularly called “The Servants”. They bring advocacy, relationship and practical help to fellow sufferers. Whether it is some encouragement or practical help, members of “The Servants” are well known in the Cowboy community.

This has grown in recent months to include a credit union scheme which they learned how to operate from one of Dignity’s Impact Team members, Moses.

Every week, each member brings $10 Namibian Dollars (£0.55/$.74) and contributes this to ‘The Servants’ fund. Some of this amount goes into an emergency fund which they use to help people who are in dire need. This has been used to pay for transport for very ill sufferers to get to a clinic in town or to help people with the cost of medicine. Members can also loan money to enable them to pay for larger farming expenses or longer journeys. Each contribution gives a member a point, with more points they can loan more. It’s a revolutionary idea in communities where ‘loan sharking’ is rife and often interest rates are 50-100% monthly.

Moses, the local coordinator states, “Without a Life Group this thing could never have happened. This is really God’s plan for his people. Many charities and NGO’s run projects for people, but this goes deeper. People’s behaviour and understanding changes and this results in love within the community. Now, people are looking at the bible for themselves, interacting with each other and they see the love of God in the storm of HIV. They understand they are children of God, not cursed! This gives people joy and they want to help others.”

Stepping forwards

Despite everything fantastic that has happened and continues to do so the Life Group still faces some challenges. A stigma remains for those who are HIV positive, even from within the group itself. There are members who have suggested that the group becomes two, one for those who are HIV positive and one for those who are not. For now, they are holding it together, but sometimes relationships become strained.

What has happened represents a small but significant step for the community but there is still a lot of work to do.

The aim of Dignity has always been to release the God given potential of villagers to know Jesus and to do the work of God in their communities. We do this through Life Groups that are small community groups learning about God and learning about our responsibility for one another, taking action upon it. Brenda and the Life Group in Cowboy is a fantastic example of how Life Groups enable people to know Jesus and also bring love to their community. Please pray for them as they work out how to live life differently to those around them.

Partner with us to reach more people like Brenda who will bring hope to many around them: