What we do

Dignity exists to equip people to transform their community and tackle poverty through the love of Jesus, particularly those who are on the outskirts of society and existing support.


Dignity believes that true change happens when people meet Jesus. Communities and lives are changed when people come face to face with the Gospel and it works on their hearts. As they meet with Jesus those we work amongst are doing things many thought were not possible. They are caring for the elderly, the orphans and the sick. They are coming together in community projects for the good of all. Addicts are breaking free and rebuilding their lives. Communities are uniting in new ways and families are being rebuilt.

At the core of Dignity’s work is a belief that God has placed his people across the world to carry his light in their communities. We believe that God will use those we work alongside, who many would overlook, to change lives. Therefore our role is not to tell others what to do, or even to do it for them. Rather it is to help others find and fulfil their God-given calling.

We work amongst people who are desperately poor and who do not attract attention. We believe that these people, with God, can do amazing things, far beyond our imagination! Primarily we are working in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa including Zambia, Namibia and Tanzania. Recently we have also begun working with refugees in Manchester, UK.

We build long-term and meaningful relationships in isolated communities, supporting leaders, groups and individuals. We work as a catalyst to help people rise up from crushing poverty without creating any sense of dependency.

The slide show below explains a bit more… To find out more about our methods of work visit How We Work or read some of the latest stories on our News feed.

So many initiatives have been tried in rural Africa... Despite this, lots of people have given up because they have not seen lasting change. Often both those living there and working there become frustrated and lose hope. What should we do now?
It isn’t a question of what we do. It’s not even a question of what people can do for themselves. The real question is what is stopping them in the first place?
We believe lasting change is prevented because poverty presses people down in different ways. The combination of financial, emotional and spiritual poverty evaporates any hope for the future. Alcoholism, prostitution, witchcraft, division and a lack of education and skills plague villages.
We believe that simply parachuting in isolated resource, like a borehole, won’t eradicate poverty from these communities. Instead we work as a catalyst to help lift people out from crushing poverty without creating any sense of dependency. We seek to build foundations in Jesus upon which people and their communities can stand.
We do this through community groups, Bible study, discipleship, leadership training, friendship and encouragement. These transformative experiences give villagers a belief in themselves and in Jesus.
It is the beginning of a grass roots initiative where one villager helps another, bringing hope to rural Africa.
Today, Life! groups meet and work together all over rural Zambia and beyond. We've seen groups come up with solutions that we would never have dreamed of. People have taken in orphans, grown food for the sick, helped the elderly and even improved local roads. It all begins when Jesus takes the weight off people.
In the book of Isaiah God says: “They will be called mighty oaks, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendour.” We believe that the people we work with are mighty oaks, giving shade, fruit and Life! to their communities.
All over rural Zambia and further afield we have seen the potential of people to do and be more than they thought possible.

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Amazing lives, everyday miracles

Together with those we work with, you, your church and Dignity can make a difference.

Dignity connects skills and resources across God’s global family so that the family can thrive. We’d love to give you the opportunity to be a part of that. Explore the Join Us tab above to find out more…

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