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Love Your Village is a 10 week study and group discussion resource that not only helps people to understand what they could do in their community, but more importantly, why they should do it. Each study session includes whole passages from the Bible and activities designed to help people interact with the Bible, each other and God. Illustrations from every day life, memory verses, sketches and interactive prayer are used to bring the group together and make everyone feel involved. Every week there is also an application session, to help apply the study material to everyday village life.

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Teaching Series



Radical? is a series that uses ancient and current examples of genuine people who encounter different situations to learn lessons on how to walk with God radically in all areas of our life.
Radical? Session 1, Radical Resilience
Radical? Session 2: Becoming Radical, Cain and Abel
Radical? Session 3 is being prepared for publication
Radical?Session 4: A radical in waiting, Sarah
Radical? Session 5: A radical messenger, Moses
Radical? Session 6: Radically tested, Abraham and Isaac