John Kawangu


Impact Team Member, Mwinilunga

John is a quiet and unassuming man. Behind his quiet front lies an interesting and enthusiastic character.

John supports his family by subsistence farming, growing maize and kasava and tending goats. He works hard to support his wife and 10 children, although some of the elder children have now grown up and left home. In fact, John is now a grandfather to 5. John loves to go walking or to spend time playing with his grandchildren. When he was young John was talking to his grandfather and asked where they had come from. His grandfather told him how their family had originally come from Congo, travelled through Angola and finally settled in the north west of Zambia.

John first came across Dignity when his younger brother invited him to a meeting he had heard of. Dignity were new to the area and were hosting an introductory session with the hope of getting to know a few people. Augustine and others were sharing about the work they were doing in their areas and John was inspired by what he heard.

Since that time, John has become steadily more and more involved in Dignity. He is now one of the Mwinlunga Impact Team leaders alongside Dorothy and Edina.

He describes what he does with Dignity as going into the villages to preach Christ and to help people set up small groups to learn about Christ. John had the heart to serve those around him, we had the privilege of coming alongside John and teaching him some of the skills he needed to help him take action. It is great to see how John has grown in confidence since we first began working with him. Seeing him standing at the front of a church boldly sharing his passion for Jesus with his fellow Zambians is so encouraging.

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