100 Groups for Diginty

December 15th, 2011 Posted by News No Comment yet

We have some fantastic news! The number of villages within which we have a Life! Group meeting has reached 100! That means in 100 villages across Northern Zambia there is a group of people meeting together, learning more about their Christian Faith and what it means for their village. They are literally learning to Love God and Their Neighbour.

This is a fantastic milestone and we are extremely encouraged by it.

This vision began 3 years ago in one area, now these groups are spread across 30 areas. We believe very much in the capacity that villagers have to know God and to help others, so all of our effort is placed realising this potential. Through relationship, training, Impact Teams and the like we keep on supplying the correct nutrient for the right attitudes and practice to grow from within Rural Africa itself. From that one group, people now gather over an area of some 2000 miles right across Northern Zambia even into Angola.

This means a lot more people know about Christ, a lot more people receiving love and even orphans and vulnerable people being cared for.

That’s what Christianity is all about.

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