1098km done!

June 2nd, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

At the start of May Dignity Trustee Malcolm and staff member Jo bravely volunteered to complete our collective journey ‘across’ Zambia. With 744km to cover they need to travel an average of 24km, 7 days a week!

Malcolm and Jo didn’t just complete the journey, they smashed the target and covered an impressive 1,098km. This included 878km cycled and 118km run by Malcolm and 102km walked by Jo. Scroll down for some photos!

This means our collective journey ‘across’ Zambia didn’t end there, but actually took us all the way across the border ‘into’ Tanzania and to the Life Groups around Mbeya province.

Malcolm and Jo took on the challenge to raise money to help Dignity support and encourage Life Groups across sub-Saharan Africa as they respond to the changing needs of their communities. These groups unify the community and help people to know faith through Jesus and to work for the benefit of everyone. Everyone can help someone!

Huge thanks to Malcolm, Jo and everyone who has sponsored them. You are all superstars!

It’s not too late to sponsor Malcolm & Jo and stand with the thousands of people who are part of Life Groups. Your gift will make a huge difference.

And now…Jon & Jude Witt are taking up the baton!

“Both Jude and myself are not runners, it really doesn’t come naturally. If you’ve known me (Jon) for any length of time you will definitely know that to be the case. I was pretty fit in my early twenties but then everything seemed to go downhill. For a fair while I struggled! In the last year I’ve literally whipped myself back into some kind of shape other than round. It was not easy! Both Jude and myself have taken up running! We still don’t fully enjoy it! It’s a necessary evil that we sometimes enjoy!

So the plan is to run 200km with a half marathon over 10 weeks. We have never run a half marathon before, so this is a first. To be honest, a year ago I never would have thought that I would be writing this!”


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