10 Simple Thoughts

“They will be called oaks of righteousness,
a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendour”
Isaiah 61:3

I remember setting out with some friends to the rural ‘bush’ in Zambia during 2008. We were attempting a very difficult task. What people thought of as ‘the church’ often, though not always, missed the mark. We wanted to help villagers to find a way of being the people of God that made a difference.

Our aim was to enable villagers to take hold of the message of Jesus for themselves. Through small community groups we wanted villagers to learn of Jesus, teach others and love their community, especially the very poor. We wanted to do it in such a way that it could then all happen again.

We discovered this was exactly how the church in the first century grew. Fuelled by an incredible truth combined with faith, the early followers of Jesus spread like wildfire. They taught, met and loved wherever they went. Through simple acts, discipleship and mighty exploits of the Spirit, the message of Jesus spread from person to person, house to house and community to community.

During the next years of our story, thousands of people attended what became known as Life Groups. Villagers took up the challenge to teach Jesus, love their community and to spread the message of Jesus further. Groups to this day continue to spread outside of Zambia and the simple ideas behind them are being shared in many nations.

God uses everyone who is part of his people. We are all ‘The Church’. The ten simple thoughts presented here are to guide you as you start a Life Group right where you are. You will have the help of Jesus and His Spirit. You stand with millions who have gone before you.