20 Kilometers

July 31st, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

Serenje is situated about 140km (about 85 miles) east of Mkushi, where the leader of Dignity Jon Witt currently lives. Serenje is a small town, surrounded by a some fairly remote rural areas.

Recently, one of Dignity’s Impact Teams visited the area. Braving difficult rural transport and even a 20km walk in, they pushed on, making sure that the planned program of Life! Group Training went ahead.

One participant at the training handed them this story of his own involvement.

“I was a member of the Anglican Church when I was young, however since 1999 I have never made a decision to go to Church or attend any Christian fellowship whatsoever.

I was not sure whether to attend this Dignity training program because as I don’t attend church, I didn’t know if I would be welcome. I am very happy that I did attend. I am happy that I have found a program of Christian fellowship and action that would consider a person like me important in the eyes of God.

Since attending the training I have decided to attend one of the churches in my community. I am also a leader in the community and I am urging others to work together as the Dignity program has come with many new and helpful ideas”.

What a fantastic but everyday story of how God is helping people to be involved together in shaping their own community life together.

The 20km walk in was worth it!

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