2020 Challenge

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Be the good news 2020 needs!


Be a star…

Set your challenge
Tell your friends
Ask them to join you
Raise some money


Your influence will bring people together, unite them to love those around them and bring good news in 2020!

What you need to know:


  • You can take on the 2020 Challenge any time this year
  • You set your own challenge – do what you love
  • You get to do it together with people you love – just ask them to join you
  • You get to use your influence for good by raising sponsorship

Set up a fundraising page now Printable sponsorship form

If you are fundraising outside of the UK you can use this sponsorship form which omits details around Gift Aid.

The big picture


By taking part in the 2020 Challenge YOU will be encouraging and standing with people like Elias and his wife…

Elias and his wife live in the high density area known as Havana in Windhoek, Namibia’s capital. He’s a gardener for the wealthy and travels from his slum everyday. He also leads a small church in Havana.

Elias and his wife have spent time getting to know a group of people who congregate by the riverside in Havana. They are all addicted to alcohol and sniffing glue. They have spoken to them about Jesus before but have always struggled as these people do not want to come to church. Last year we shared the idea of Life Groups with Elias and his wife and helped them to see that they could take church to these people.

We caught up with Elias recently and were delighted that he and his wife started a Life Group and that they are seeing people coming to know God and beginning to grow. It’s complicated and the group doesn’t meet regularly. Addictions still have a stronghold over these people’s lives, making them complex and complicated. However, we are so encouraged by the commitment and love Elias and his wife are showing them. We are standing with them in prayer and hope for a future full of freedom for each of these people.

We have invited Elias and his wife to take part in our Journey distance learning course, launching this autumn.

Stuck for an idea?


Personal Challenge

  • Jon is running 200km and finishing with a half-marathon! Go Jon!! You could run, climb, cycle…
  • You could paint a picture a day for 20 days…
  • You could bake 20 cakes and sell them…

Family Challenge:

  • Richard, Judy, Kezia, Tamanda and Josie are running and cycling the equivalent distance from Mkushi to Mulungushi Dam in Kabwe (about 250Km) together!
  • You could have a sponsored family silence…
  • You could do 20 favours for other families…

Group Challenge:

  • You could host a quiz, online or in person if that’s possible
  • You could ask 20 friends to sell something on eBay (or sell 20 things yourself!)
  • You could organise a Bake-Off Challenge

We’d love to see what you’re doing!


Send us a photo of what you’re up to so we can share it here and on social media to cheer you and others on! Submit your photo to [email protected]

(By submitting your photo and any details such as your name(s) you are giving us permission to share these publicly.)

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