24:7 May

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24-7 May: Completing the Journey

Last year we began a collective journey across Zambia, walking the distance from the most westerly Zambian Life Group in Mwinilunga, to the most easterly one in Nakonde. We successfully made it almost half way and raised an incredible £6,340! Now it is time to complete the journey!

At the start of May Dignity Trustee Malcolm and staff member Jo bravely volunteered to make sure we complete this journey in May, by foot and bike. With 744km to travel, this meant they needed to travel an average of 24km, 7 days a week!*

Their target was to raise £5 for every kilometre travelled, that’s £3,720!

They’ve only gone and done it!

Thanks to some serious ‘lockdown-compliant’ bike rides from Malcolm and steady walking by Jo, they have smashed the original target of 744km and traveled a whopping 932km.

The extra distance traveled means that they have not only traveled ‘across Zambia’ but also ‘into Tanzania’ and as far as the Life Groups around Mbeya and Simambwe. This is particularly special at the moment as the border town is currently closed due to an outbreak of COVID-19. So, whilst people cannot actually travel, the ideas and encouragement of Life Groups are crossing the border through the Dignity ‘network’.

What can I do to help?

1. Donate! Malcolm and Jo have given their all as part of the 24:7 May Challenge. You can stand with them by giving a donation?

2. Take on your own challenge! Throughout this year, we are inviting you to take on a personal challenge to support Life Groups. Use your imagination, do something that you’ll love but will be a challenge.

All money raised will help us to stand with Life Groups across sub-Saharan Africa as they love and care for their communities in this difficult season. Read on to find out more…

How will our challenges help?

The global situation is changing daily and so are the needs. Our personal challenges are raising money to help us respond to these changing needs. There are a couple of key areas of our already planned work that we want to bring forward.

Digital distribution of resources: The use of smartphones is on the rise in sub-Saharan Africa. We want to bring forward the development of our digital systems so that we can quickly and easily share the resources we create with Life Groups. This will help Life Groups to keep going, keep growing and keep loving their neighbours.

Training of more local leaders: We have always believed that God will use the people who live in an area to bring his love to that area. As our work has spread geographically we have been asking the question, ‘How do we train people when we cannot be with them in person?’ We have been developing our Residency course with plans to invite people involved in Life Groups from Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya! We will respond to however the world situation develops to run the 2020 Residency course in the most appropriate way.

What is Dignity doing in light of COVID-19?

The current situation does not change our aims, what we do or the purpose of what we do. Find out more.

As an immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic we created and distributed 3 leaflets; ‘What is COVID-19?’, ‘Life Groups: What to do’ and ‘Making an Impact’. These raise awareness, prepare Life Groups and help them protect themselves and their communities. We have translated them into Bemba and Swahili. Impact Teams stopped travelling and we are now working with them to ensure Life Groups not only continue but also grow in this season. We really believe that God will use his people in these communities to bring hope and life, now more than ever.

In addition, we created ‘One Step’, an online training event that present the lessons we have learnt from our work to help people speak about Jesus and love their neighbours, wherever they are in the world! This is something we are really excited about – please do feel free to join us if you would like to! Details and registration are available at dignityonline.org.uk/onestep

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