25 years……..

November 4th, 2013 Posted by News No Comment yet

Perhaps one of the greatest physical signs of the work of Jesus is that of reconciliation. The coming together of people separated by tribe, disagreements, nationality or family feuds. Where the Spirit works, there is unity.


One such place is in Matuka, not so far from where I live in Mkushi, Northern Zambia. Recently one of Dignity’s Impact Teams travelled there to teach people how to start a Life! Group in their area.

During the three day training course where diverse people from the community attend, the team noticed something. Two individuals, brothers actually, would do absolutely anything to avoid one another. In fact, it seemed that on many occasions, they would go out of their way to shun one another in the many team activities that occur during the training.

Throughout our work there is a strong theme of forgiveness and unity and on many occasions these themes have translated into real world reconciliation. This was one such occasion! By the end of the third day, the brothers had buried the hatchet and forgiven one another. Apparently it had been 25 years since they had got along!

The people of Rural Africa can only help themselves if they do it together. Individualism that is present in Europe and elsewhere is only possible if you can afford it (there’s some food for thought!). We believe that at least some of the people in Matuku are in a better place to approach their village than a month ago! When the Spirit works, there is unity.

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