26 July – 1 August: Week of Prayer

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Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5 v 16-18 (NIV)

A Week of Prayer

In February this year we had our first week of prayer. We were so encouraged by the number of people who joined us in prayer and the results we’ve seen, that we’re doing it all over again! We hope you will pray with us again and be part of making a difference.

2015 07 week of prayer

Firstly though…Answered Prayers

Since our last week of prayer, we have seen the following happen:

  • 12 “Apprentice” Impact Team members joining us for the March EQUIP training, pictured above with the existing team members.
  • A sustained number of Life! Groups, with a slight increase, during the “follow up” in the first half of the year.
  • Growing links with Southern Zambia and Nambia.
  • A resurgence of a team in Mumbwa, a place where we thought the small beginnings had fizzled out due to some key people moving on.
  • Another translation of Rooted in Jesus Book 1.
  • 8 Life! Groups successfully trialling the conservation farming methods we’ve been teaching them with Foundations Zambia.
  • 15 other areas trained in conservation farming.
  • Behind the scenes help coming into place in Zambia.
  • Miraculous financial provision.
  • Growing links for the UK to learn from Zambia
  • Our first short term team for this year all set and ready to go!
    You can read a bit more about these answers to prayer here.

    So thank you for your prayers! Without them, the above wouldn’t have happened.

    We’d love you to pray for us again this week because we want to see more and more of this sort of stuff happening!

    Download a printable version here


    [one_fourth]Week day Sun

    [three_fourth_last]Start with praise!
    Wow! writing the list of answers to prayer above has reminded us of just how much we have to thank God for. What an amazing God we serve. What an amazing God we have for a father. Start this week of prayer by simply rejoicing and saying thank you to God!


    [one_fourth]Week day Mon

    [three_fourth_last]Oak of Righteousness
    Some verses at the core of Dignity are Isaiah 61 v 1-3:
    “They will be called oaks of righteousness,
    a planting of the Lord
    for the display of his splendour.”

    We want God to display his splendour more and more through the “oaks of righteousness” he is planting across sub-Saharan Africa. Pray for more of God!


    Commiting plans made together to God at the recent EQUIP team training

    Commiting plans made together to God at the recent EQUIP team training


    [one_fourth]Week day Tues

    The Bible speaks of us as one body, with Jesus as the head. We are best when we are working together with each other, and with God. Pray for more people to stand together! Pray for ever growing unity to heal divides in communities and families. Pray for links, both locally and globally, so we can share with and learn from each other.


    Do you want to become an “Oak of Righteousness” in your community? Join us for 2 weeks in Zambia for a life changing chance to learn from our teams. The next opportunity to do so is November this year!

    [one_fourth]Week day weds

    [three_fourth_last]The Right Tools
    Good tools make us more effective at what we do. We are constantly creating and writing new tools (such as Love Your Village) to teach our teams. Thanks to existing partners Rooted in Jesus and Foundations Zambia we have some other great tools at our disposal. As our work continues to widen and grow, pray for the inspiration and time to continue creating our own tools and the right connections to work together with others.


    [one_fourth]Week day Thurs

    [three_fourth_last]The Weak and Remote Places
    60% of Zambia’s population live in rural areas*, often in very isolated and remote circumstances. From the very beginning we have felt called to serve people such as these. This brings many challenges but we are seeing God raising up people in these areas to bring his hope to their communities. Please ask God to send more and more workers into his harvest field (Luke 10 v 2) and to link us with them.


    The team emerging in Northern Nambia with Bernard Witika who is helping them get started

    The team emerging in Northern Nambia with Bernard Witika who is helping them get started


    [one_fourth]Week day fri

    [three_fourth_last]The Right Support
    Support comes in many shapes and sizes. For Dignity it means Impact Teams supporting Life! Group leaders with encouragement, prayer and training. It means us supporting Impact Teams with friendship, pastoral care, training, finances, skills and opportunities. It means you supporting us financially and in prayer. Please pray for increases at every level of support to match the growing work.


    We want to see our regular monthly income grow to support the work so that we can use one off donations and major fundraising drives to promote growth. Can you start a regular gift towards our work? Find out more here or start one now.


    [one_fourth]Week day Sat

    [three_fourth_last]Growing Kingdom
    We believe that “Oaks of Righteousness“, working together with God and each other, with the right tools, in the weak and remote places, with the right support, will bring people into the Kingdom of God, showing people with love what the Kingdom is. Pray for God’s Kingdom to spread like a bush fire and for many more people to receive his hope, both for now and for eternity.

    And finally…

    Later this year, we will officially launch The Dignity 300 Challenge when our trustees take on their challenge. (Ideas on a postcard – or by reply – please!) You can join us in this challenge by doing what you love doing most to raise £300 and helping make more amazing things happen. Find out more here.

    300 title image

    Thank you for praying with us! Your prayers are such an important part of the bigger picture. We really value them.

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