A birthday and a journey

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Happy birthday to us!

This month we turn 13 years old! The biggest of thank yous for being part of our journey. What has been achieved through the work of Life Groups really has been a product of people working together and pioneering to share the love and message of Jesus. Last month we shared the story of Elias who has begun a Life Group for people fighting addictions. These people are coming to know Jesus, they are growing! Elias is one of an estimated 900* people leading Life Groups across sub-Saharan Africa. Thank you for standing with Dignity, with Elias and with the hundreds of others like him. We deeply appreciate you!

Our teenage years…

A year ago, we asked ourselves where we wanted to be in 10 years’ time. Our aspiration is to see 500,000 Life Groups meeting by 2029! That would mean 10 million people talking about the truth of Jesus, creating community and showing love to those around them. As we enter our teenage years, we know that this is a task that Dignity cannot achieve alone. We believe that God is saying the time is ‘now’ to speak and influence others, to inspire, enable and encourage everyday people, people just like you and me. Through them, many others will come to know Jesus and find freedom from poverty.

Journey: A coming of age

At the start of 2020 we had a plan to take the next step towards this goal. We were going to gather people we know from different nations around Zambia. We were going to provide a month long intensive training course and then send them home to pioneer Life Group movements in their communities. We would repeat this with more people and so on. And then…2020 happened!!

In the last 6 months we have gone back to the drawing board and asked God how he wants us to remould our plans to step towards the vision he has given us. Journey has been born out of this process. Instead of a physical gathering of people, Journey gathers people remotely. It is a 4 module, distance learning course that people can study right where they are! Much of Journey is based on our tried and tested teaching. We have added new materials to help people develop a pioneering heart from the very beginning. Through teaching and practical work participants will learn how to pioneer Life Group movements for themselves. This week we launch Module 1: Village Journey with 16 people across Zambia, Tanzania, Namibia, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo getting started straight away. More are due to start in November. We launch Journey with a sense that this is a sharper tool in our hands than our original plans for 2020. It is much more scalable and much more accessible. In this we can see that God is bringing good for his purposes out of the very real difficulties of this year.

We would love you to journey with us

Who do you know that would be interested in Journey? Perhaps you have a FRIEND you’d like to encourage, a MISSION CONNECTION through your church that you have not been able to visit this year or perhaps YOU want to share the love and message of Jesus right where you are.

Email us on [email protected] for more information about enrolling on Journey.

In celebration of our 13th birthday, the first £1,000 given towards Journey will be doubled courtesy of match funding we have secured. Every £1 you give means we will get £2!

Follow us on social media for updates to inform your prayers.


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What happens next?

  • Our commitment to pioneering means we are working hard to invite others to access Journey and start Life Group movements. This means we are listening to people, encouraging them and inviting them and others they know to enrol.
  • Our commitment to people means we are working hard to ensure that anyone who wants to can access Journey. This means we are delivering Journey through different channels and will translate the course into different languages in due course.
  • Our commitment to working together means we are connecting people to others who have experience of planting Life Groups. This means that everyone will have friends who speak their language and are not too far away to journey with.
  • Meanwhile, we’re also creating Module 2: Area Journey!

Thank you so much for being part of our journey! Together we can help many more people hear the good news of Jesus and break free from poverty in all its forms.

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