A First for Dignity

November 7th, 2011 Posted by News No Comment yet

This wednesday 9th November, Dignity is hosting it’s first Impact Team training and planning day in Mkushi, Central Zambia. Impact Teams are groups of associates who work with Dignity to plant Life! Groups in villages. These groups help people to ‘Love God and Love Their Neighbour’ in practical, spiritual and demonstrable ways. They are a team of villagers, for villagers. Yes they are experienced, yes they are intelligent, yes they are very good at what they do, but most importantly they are on the same level as everyone else. This is a telling fact. The work is villager to villager.

Both gatherings are being held at Jon and Jude’s home who are the founders of Dignity. These people are ‘friends’ and we believe in treating them as such. This personal approach has yielded huge rewards within the work in Africa and stands as a marked difference in comparison to many other approaches. It is a hallmark of Dignity.

The work of Dignity within Zambia has grown steadily for the last three years. Days like this provide an important opportunity to really get behind those who are making such a valuable difference in the villages and hamlets of Zambia. The day after, 10th November will see a regular gathering of representatives from groups across Zambia.

We’re looking forward to this time and all of the latest news will be posted here at Kerygma.

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