A Kenyan Update 2: Introducing Joseph

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Since Jon & Jude Witt last went to Ganze in August 2018, we have been actively seeking a way of providing some ongoing support, encouragement and training for the 7 Life Groups that are meeting there. Our desire is that these Life Groups are the start of a movement across the area that will bring the hope and life of Jesus to many. We know from experience that Life Groups do this. We are already seeing sparks of this in Ganze as we have heard of people coming to faith in Jesus and of people being taught how to plant and grow Moringa trees to generate an income.

Joseph Mwakisha is newly married and enjoys football! He has a background in teaching and ran a school for 3.5 years, learning and growing through the challenges of this role. He wife works as a teacher. Joseph lives in Mombasa, Kenya, close to Ganze where Life Groups have been taking route.

Over the last year, Joseph has been attending church planting classes and first heard about the work of Dignity when he helped to translate Plant into Swahili for us. He said, “It’s a really powerful book to reach people on the outskirts, to go out and to introduce people to God.” Joseph has been to Ganze twice to visit the Life Groups that have taken root there.

As we’ve been exploring ways to support the simple beginnings of Life Groups in Kenya, we have understood that proximity is important. In the same way the Impact Teams work in their own communities and provinces, we have been convinced that we need to equip someone local to Ganze to encourage and support the existing Life Groups and to pioneer new groups. We’re really pleased that Joseph has agreed to volunteer his time to do exactly this!

We’re going to start simply and see how things go over the next 6 months. Jon Witt and Joseph will speak regularly to help Joseph find his feet. Joseph will work through our central training materials and videos and he will revisit Life Groups in Ganze. He will also look for 2 or 3 more communities where he knows people who could help him share the idea of Life Groups and invite others to learn about them, potentially planting more.

Joseph will give his time. We’ll mentor, encourage and equip him and help him cover the expenses of getting around and training people. We’d love you to join us by praying for Joseph as he steps into this role. Pray for God given wisdom, discernment and opportunities!

We would love to see this simple beginning be the spark that lights a fire in the hearts of hundreds and thousands of people, bringing the hope and life of Jesus to many.

If you want to partner with Joseph to spark a movement of amazing lives and everyday miracles in this part of Kenya, you can help us cover the expenses that Joseph will incur. We expect this to be in the region £100 a month. (Include a link to giving page: https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/donate/dignity )

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