A Kenyan Update

January 10th, 2019 Posted by News No Comment yet

Back in 2017, the Zambian team met with Tobbias from Trinity Chapel in Mombasa, Kenya. He connected them to communities in Ganze, a rural province north of Mombasa. The team visited Ganze and ran a introductory course equipping people to start their own Life Groups. 30 people attended and in the following months we heard of 1 Life Group being formed as a result of this initial gathering.

Just over a year later, in August 2018, we visited Kenya again to discover that there are now 7 Life Groups in the Ganze area. We were delighted to see this organic growth! As with all Life Groups we are committed to the to walking alongside these people, investing in the Godly transformation of their communities.

A key step in doing this is to looking for one or two people who can support the Life Groups in Ganze, much like Impact Teams do in Zambia. Working alongside Tobbias, we are actively seeking someone with in-depth, local knowledge and leadership qualities to really be ‘on the ground’, expanding the presence of Life Groups in Ganze. Someone who is able to build and maintain the momentum that has accumulated over the past year, acting as an encourager to existing Life Groups and helping others plant new Life Groups.

Alongside this, we also know that we need to increase the availability of materials, both by translating more resources into Swahili and by finding a place they can be stored and sent out from in Kenya.

“Dignity invests directly in the lives of people in many locations that are poor, remote and difficult to reach. This investment creates faith, social activism and transformation that brings life for everyone in the community. Our determined focus on these people means that you can be assured that your investment will affect change in some of the most vulnerable people who require it most.”

– Jon Witt

We ask that you pray that the right people will agree to journey with us and for accessibility of resources in Kenya and Ganze (which is 2000km away from the team in Zambia!) We look forward to the possibilities of supporting more rural communities across Kenya and are excited by what God will do through the amazing lives and everyday miracles that ensue.

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