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We’re delighted to share the stories of Life Groups in 2020:

Dear Friend,

Well what a year! For many 2020 feels like a year to forget. The whole world seems to have entered a strange alternate reality where a pandemic, political chaos and anxiety reign. There are job losses and for many the toll of the world being turned upside down is leading to a sharp rise in mental illness. At the same time, the world appears to more divided than at any other time in my own life. People seem to be pitched against people. Getting to the truth and the reality of a situation feels very elusive indeed!

It’s no coincidence that as I sit down to write this we are in the Christmas period. This is a time when the light of God’s love and concern for all of us is shown in the reality of Jesus being found as a person, a real living baby amongst us. In what can feel like a dark world, the light is found not in a theory, politics or an entrepreneurial idea, but in a person who came and lived alongside us, ultimately giving his life so that we could live now and for all eternity.

That’s the foundation of Dignity; this real love and life of God displayed through everyday people who live, breathe, work and play in their own community.

We all look to those who bring light to our community at this time. The answer is right in front of us. It is our hands, our feet and those of our friends and neighbours who will be the love and life of God to those around us. It is the same whether we find ourselves in a richer country or the villages and communities of sub-Saharan Africa. Isaiah spoke of these people as ‘Oaks of Righteousness’, a planting of God in every place and community for the display of his light and splendour.

Yes, 2020 has felt dark but it has also been an opportunity for the light to shine.

I hope the stories in this issue of Together will encourage, inspire, motivate and challenge you. You will read about farmers, villagers, church members, stay at home parents and small fledgling business owners: people who are in many ways just like you and me. All of them are taking a step to be the light of God right where they find themselves. Maybe we could be inspired to do the same?

Thank you for standing with the people featured in Together and many like them in prayer, financial support and concern. You really make a difference!

Dignity continues to stand with people such as these as they are the light of God to all around them. That’s what the church, the people of God, is meant to be.

Everyone at Dignity hopes you had a great Christmas day despite the restrictions and wishes you a happy new year!

Jon Paul Witt, Dignity Founder

PS. We’d love you to forward TOGETHER to a friend and invite them to be part of the story of Life Groups. Thank you!

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