A Look Back On 2018

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It has been a phenomenal year here at Dignity and we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the amazing lives and everyday miracles that have happened in 2018. God have been so good, the stories and lives we have had the privilege to encounter this year have been inspirational and so encouraging.

A huge, huge thank you for and to everyone who has supported and donated to us this year; we couldn’t have done it without you.

In 2018 we seen growth and momentum like we’ve never seen before. As a direct response to God’s word to us at the end of 2017, we have been pushing into and supporting new regions and districts in Zambia and surrounding countries throughout 2018.

Looking at the statistics in comparison to last year, we have undoubtedly begun to see exponential growth! This is a direct result of the work we have done to equip Life Groups to be self-multiplying.

The number of Life Groups that are actively meeting is now close to 700. This year also marked the passing of the ‘750 Life Groups Planted’ milestone. Will 2019 be the year we hit 1000?

Number of Active Life Groups692507

Total Number of Life Groups Planted



Our Zambian volunteer Life Group leaders have been super stars this year, altogether accumulating a grand total of:

31, 764 hours dedicated to Dignity 

That’s almost 10,000 more volunteer hours than the previous year and equates to 1,324 days or 3 and a half years! (Talk about working overtime!)

In addition to the Life Group leaders and Impact Team members, 2018 has seen an army of fantastic volunteers helping with everything from translations to events to rearranging the office! So a massive THANK YOU to Peter, Jonathan, Simon, Vincent, Kaili, Maral and Lambert for all of your incredible help.

2018 also welcomed Impy and Kate as UK trustees, Rebekah as our new Administrator and Lois as our Communications and Marketing Officer. Lauren joined the team out in Zambia and has been supporting the Impact Teams. Lawrence partnered with us in the summer to help us grow relationships with trust funds. It is great to see God sewing together a team of people all giving their best for Him and His work.

Further details are available in our January 2019 Update.

Top Stories 2018

There have been so many amazing stories to come out of 2018, but to make it easier for you, we have narrowed it down to our top 9, from newest to oldest:

  1. Building Trust – Charles and Elijah’s story of how God has transformed their community.
  2. Love Your Village – An incredible milestone as one of our key texts is translated.
  3. Hero Maker – Dignity Founder Jon Witt receives LAUNCH 2018 award.
  4. Staggering Choir – Ken’s incredible testimony of funerals and drunken singers.
  5. The Lame Can Walk – Gervas tells us a beautiful story of healing.
  6. Return to Ganze – Jon was able to visit Life Groups in Kenya.
  7. Myombo’s Story – Church Leader Myombo shares how Life Groups changed his life.
  8. Persisting in Siavonga – Nurturing communities to see growth.
  9. Mukonshi – Bringing hope to refugees in Mukonshi.

Going into 2019, we pray for increased momentum and the joy of God in the lives of those he has touched. We also pray for joy in the upcoming plans that are being put in place in Zambia and other nations. We are so excited to share with you how our 2019 is shaping up, so watch this space for more details – or subscribe to our mailing list here.

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