A mile (or more) in their shoes

September 15th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

By now you probably know that we work in rural areas. This is our calling. Experience tells us that more resources and training are invested into city churches than rural churches. So, off we go, to the places it’s harder to reach where different strategies are needed as people are more spread out and resources are much thinner on the ground.

One of the intrinsic challenges of working in rural areas is the remote nature of many of the communities we work with. Here’s some snapshots Bernard has shared over the last few months to give you a better picture of what it really means to work in the rural areas.

But our Impact Team members aren’t the only ones. People often travel a long way from their home to join one of our training events. This gentleman heard a team was coming to run a training event in his neighbouring community and cycled 38km on dirt tracks to join them. What a legend!


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