A Namibian Journey

May 14th, 2014 Posted by News No Comment yet

So it’s not quite like the Apostle Paul on his great missionary journeys of centuries past. It wouldn’t even qualify in the annals of greats such as Livingstone or Studd. However over the next few days I find myself travelling quite a huge distance looking for future signs and opportunities for Dignity’s work.

I’ll be travelling across Namibia and then back home to Zambia. A journey of some 1500 miles. Originally I was just picking up a Nissan Patrol 4×4 in Walvis Bay. Now my trip will involve meeting our contacts and friends in Northern Namibia and Southern Zambia.

It all began last year when we ran what we call our “Get Your Hands Dirty” course in Katima Mulilo. Several church leaders came along to listen for 2 days to a message that basically says we need to get out into the bush and make God’s work happen! Some of those very same people committed themselves to travelling out to meet those in their villages and attempt to start reaching, discipline and forming hubs of community action. We call these Life! groups. We did exactly the same in Southern Zambia!

Now come the crunch time! Has anyone gone? What plans do we make now? Where do we train villagers and when? What is God leading us to do?

As well as driving 1500 miles, dealing with customs and taking in the scenery, I’ll be spending a few days dealing with these questions too!

Please pray for me and those I will meet. Pray that together we will find a way of bringing more of Gods heart, help and community change to the people we have contact with.

Yours prayers will make a difference.

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