A new start in Petauke

August 2nd, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

Cornelius, one of our Impact Team members and a priest in the Anglican Church, recently moved to Petauke.

As soon as he arrived he began sharing the idea of Life Groups with people in the area. He has said before that he sees the difference Life Groups and ongoing discipleship makes. He speaks about why he gives his time to Dignity in this short video shot in 2012.


Upon arriving in Petauke, Cornelius wanted to get started on planting Life Groups so he arranged a couple of village gatherings. He knew his monthly allowance from Dignity to cover training costs would not come in before the events. Having prayed about it, he decided to carry on and trust God. When he arrived at the first village, people had donated maize and chickens, more than enough to feed the group. There was even some chickens left over which he took to the second village where maize was also donated. Cornelius was delighted to see God provide for the practicalities as he stepped out in faith. Praise God!

Cornelius recently organised a training session in Misolo which 25 people from 10 different churches attended. Here’s some photos; apologies that they’re not better quality – we hope they’ll give you a feel for the event anyway!

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