A new understanding

May 29th, 2014 Posted by News No Comment yet

A retired soldier lives close to one of our Impact Team members in Zambia. He’s always been a troubled member of the community and also openly stood in opposition to Christianity; in the words of the Impact Team member “a hard stone to crack”.

The Impact Team member has known him for a long time and went to visit him a while ago. While there he left the man with a copy of Love Your Village, our 10-week practical discipleship course. After some time the man began to read Love Your Village and in the second study read the story of Maximilian Kolbe who volunteered to die in the place of a stranger in a Nazi death camp

This story went right to the retired soldiers heart. He saw that this was a man like himself. A man who gave up his life for someone else. He suddenly understood that this is exactly what Jesus has done for him. The man went to visit a local pastor and, after talking to him for a while and working through some questions, he chose to accept Jesus and welcome him into his life. They prayed together and it is the start of a new chapter in one man’s life. Thank you Jesus!!

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