Answers to prayer

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It’s always good to stop and realise how many prayers have been answered.

Since our last week of prayer in February, there’s been quite a few things happen. Lots of hard work has gone into each of these, but prayer has made them possible. So, by way of thanks and encouragement, here are some amazing things that have happened…

Impact Teams numbers are growing
23 people attended the March EQUIP training (pictured above) with about half of them being “apprentice” team members, finding out about the role with a view to joining us if it’s God’s call for them at this time.

Life! Groups are continuing
Over the last 6 months there has been a sustained number of Life! Groups, with a slight increase, during the “follow up” in the first half of the year.

Links to new areas are being made
Connections and openings in Southern Zambia and growth in Northern Namibia with people stepping up to lead the work forward, planning, shaping and beginning to plant Life! Groups.

There is continued growth in the North Western province with potential links to many new areas thanks to some great initiative from the Impact Team there.

People are not giving up
We have seen a resurgence of a team in Mumbwa, a place where we thought the small beginnings had fizzled out due to some key people moving on.

We are reaching people in their own languge
Another translation of Rooted in Jesus Book 1 has been completed meaning we will soon have discipleship materials in the language spoken in Northern Namibia. This is done in partnership with ReSource.

Conservation Farming is making a difference
8 Life! Groups are successfully trialling the conservation farming methods we’ve been teaching them with Foundations Zambia. Each group has provided the materials and the labour themselves and are growing a crop that they will use to help the most needy in their communities. Further conservation farming training with people from 15 new areas joining us to learn and then share skills in their area.

Behind the scenes
We have been provided with some much needed help and support for some of the really important behind the scenes stuff in Zambia such as book keeping.

Money has been provided
We have seen miraculous financial provision behind all this to balance the books so far this year. Find out more about how to help make this continue here.

Short term mission reshaping
We’ve had some exciting inspiration and thoughts around how our short term mission can be used to help people from the UK and other places learn from our Zambian team and return home inspired and equipped to reach their own community.

Our first short term team for 2015 is all set and ready to go in August! You could join us in November. Find out more here.

Love Your Village is being used in the UK
There are some small beginnings where “Love Your Village”, our practical, 10 week, discipleship Bible study, is being used, or considered for use, in the UK.

So thank you for your prayers! Without them, the above wouldn’t have happened. Join us for our next week of prayer…

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