Base Camp

February 9th, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

A team of 6 absolute legends recently worked their socks off to develop additional facilities at ‘Base Camp’, just next to Jon and Jude’s house in Zambia. They’ve built new bases for tents and work has begun on a new bathroom for the camp. We are delighted to see these developments and super thankful to Keith, Kennedy, Neil, Crispine, Alison and Shadrach (pictured L-R).

You may wonder where this fits into the work of Dignity…let us explain! We regularly gather groups of people for training events and strategy meetings. People make day long journeys to be with us and we want to host them well. We’ve use local accommodation campsites to host events when we can. Suitable places can be hard to find and are becoming increasingly expensive. The amount of times we gather people has increased as the number of teams has grown. Looking ahead we are working towards and annual, month long intensive residency course for those who want to learn to plant Life Groups in their own nation. Take all this together and it has become increasingly obvious that we need a way of accommodating people that is flexible, reproducible and inexpensive.

This is where Base Camp comes in! By building some simple infrastructure we now have a way in which we can host more people, more comfortably. Gone are poor nights sleep on bumpy, lumpy floors! Instead we can pitch semi-permanent safari tents on good quality bases. This makes for a much better night’s sleep and more space for everyone.

Crucially we’ve retained the ability to be flexible – we can simply take the tents down if we need to and take them with us! And amazingly, this has all been created for less than £3,000 and in the space of a couple of months hard work.

We know our team members are going to love the much improved facilities and we also know that everyone does better after a good night’s sleep. So thank you Keith, Kennedy, Neil, Crispine, Alison and Shadrach for the incredible gift you have given!!

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