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We had a great evening with Jon Paul Witt, our founder & pioneer and the author of The Away Kit. Jon shared his heart for what God is doing in sub-Saharan Africa right now and explained why we’ve written The Away Kit. Drawing on personal experience and lessons we have learnt over the past 11 years Jon shared how The Away Kit can be used to start a kingdom movement!

The Away Kit would be a useful resource for you if you answer yes to any of these questions:

    • Do you want to hear God’s heart for sub-Saharan Africa and pray with us as we go all out for this continent?
    • Are you looking for something that can add even more value to the mission work you are already doing?
    • Do you believe that God wants to work through the people in the community where you are working or where you live?

If so, download The Away Kit for free now:

About The Away Kit
Designed to help you whilst on mission The Away Kit equips you to train people to pioneer an expression of church that we call Life Groups. Life Groups bring ‘life’ in all its forms to the whole community; they reach people, disciple people and unify the effort of the wider church to support people. Through Life Groups people are giving their lives to Jesus, being healed, finding community and acceptance, breaking free from addictions, having their practical needs met and restoring broken relationships.

The Away Kit has been written with sub-Saharan Africa in mind, but you could use it in many other parts of the world. You can run this training in any area you are visiting as part of a short or longer term visit, or if you are working with an organisation present in the same type of areas. You could even use it at home.

Feedback on The Away Kit

“We were not sure about doing the wheelbarrow race but it worked really well. 2 sessions done and 2 more next week. Some pastors have already tried small groups and are feeling encouraged and want to do more. The material gets a good response. Some good questions from session 2 about groups they already run. Really feel there are people in the group who will pass it on.”

~ a team from i61 Church, Llandudno Junction on using The Away Kit during their recent trip to near Jinja, Uganda.

On their return to the UK the team had been inspired by doing the training and decided to try running a group like a Life Group in their home community in UK.

Find out more about the work we do here or call us for a chat on 0161 434 8841.

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