BIG WALK, Little Walks

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Kids, BIG WALK, little walks is a challenge you can do on your daily exercise. It’s a great way to have fun and make a difference!

Our Goal: We have spent time listening to our Zambian teams about the challenges children face. Sadly, many children have a difficult life. We want to challenge this by helping people to work together as a community for the good of all of the children. We have begun an exciting new publication project called ‘Love Your Children’ and believe this will be a powerful tool in the hands of our teams to implement real change in their communities. By taking part your children will raise money to help us plant even more community groups and make ‘Love Your Children’ available to them.

It takes courage to stand up for children. Together we can be brave.


BIG WALK, little walks is a way to engage children in the UK with the wider world. Your child’s involvement will help communities in sub-Saharan Africa support and love their children in bigger ways than ever before.

We recognise that your child may need some support and encouragement during this activity. For that, we would like to thank you in advance and express our appreciation. When collecting sponsorship, please don’t feel obliged to go above and beyond – but do enjoy the challenge and have some family fun!





Dignity is working in about 750 communities across sub-Saharan Africa! Wherever we gather in groups, children gather too and we see the very real needs and challenges they face. We want to encourage more community groups to help and support children who are suffering! Together we can be brave.


Can you walk 10km and raise £5 for every kilometre you walk!


You could:

  • Walk 1km to and from school each day for a week
  • Go for a 10km walk on a Saturday
  • Get your friends involved and do laps of the playground on your lunch break.
  • Hop, skip, jump, run….use your imagination & have fun!


It’s up to you! You can complete your 10km whenever you like. Return your completed Sticker Chart and Sponsorship form to us (or email us photographs) and we will send you a certificate to celebrate what you have achieved! Why not get a few friends to take part as well and then plan a celebration party together at the end?

When your child signs up we will send them a welcome pack. Each pack includes a sticker sheet for your child to keep track of their kilometres, a sponsorship form, some stories of children from sub-Saharan Africa and a ticket to our Celebration Party!

Let us know how you would like to hear from us.


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