Bubble to bubble

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Father Zulu, the Anglican priest, and Vincent have been planting Life Groups over the past few months in Chalata, Zambia where they live. A year and a half ago Chalata was on our ‘watch list’ of areas where Life Groups need some extra support and help. Today, Father Zulu and Vincent, together with some friends, are writing a different story.

Thanks to their work 3 Life Groups in Chalata have stabilised AND they have planted 2 new groups this year! We asked them what had changed…

It was clear that this year has been hard for everyone due to COVID-19. Father Zulu and Vincent talked about the information we shared early in 2020 about how to be ‘church’ even when you cannot meet together. They had read this and worked hard to help the Life Groups in the area continue supporting and encouraging each other and the people around them through the season. They described it as bubbles of people helping each other, one bubble to another. This has helped so many bubbles of people that the work has grown through small bubbles in many villages.

What this means is more people studying and knowing faith in Jesus, more love in the community and practical help for those with the least. It’s so simple and so powerful!

This month we have had the chance to catch up with these lovely people, hear their story and encourage and cheer them on. They will continue planting and supporting Life Groups and we will continue walking alongside them. Together we’ve been exploring their hopes for their community over the coming months and we have invited them to study our Journey course!

We think these guys are heroes!

Stand with Father Zulu and Vincent

You can…

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