Building Begins

March 14th, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

Remember this article? It’s the one about the possibility of Jon and Jude developing a small base to work from within Zambia. We know we’ve been all quiet about it over the last few months, but thought we would give you all a little update.

There are still legal processes going on, but the hectare site has been given to Jon and Jude to develop for their home and the work. It’s a challenge for them to finance, envisage and to actually be involved in the development. After a lot of thought, it seems like a fantastic way forward.

In true African style, Jon and Jude will be camping on the site whilst they build a house. Some of their contemporaries in the UK have expressed surprise at this, but everyone in Africa reading this will just know that’s they way we do things out here.

As you read this, a small bathroom block is being built to provide some ‘facilities’ on site. As soon as Jon and Jude return at the end of March, they hope to break ground on the new house and the subsequent developments that are to happen. In time, Jon and Jude will base their work for Dignity from the site and will continue to meet with people, train them and push out into the villages and communities of Rural Africa.

Praise God for finance being provided to Jon and Jude, praise him that he has made a way with practical help and that it seems to be moving forward.

Please continue to pray for the whole development.

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