By Hook or by Crook

May 4th, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

The saying “By Hook or by Crook” reputedly comes from one of two sources. It either talks about harvesting and the implementing that you could legally use to gather fruit from trees, or it comes from Oliver Cromwell during the English civil war. Whatever the source doesn’t matter, it simply means, “to get something done by any means.”

One of the things that Dignity has always been aiming for, is to encourage an approach to mission in Africa that is truly owned, spread and enacted by Africans. A few months ago, Bernard, one of our Central Impact Team was on a bus travelling along the Mkushi to Kapiri road in Zambia. He was travelling on the usual little blue Toyota minibus that you see around Zambia. He was talking to the man next to him, about the work that he was doing with Dignity. As he talked about Life! Groups, Love Your Village and more, he could see that the man next to him wasn’t biting like he hoped he would.

It was then that Mr Manengwa interrupted him. He had been listening to everything that Bernard had talked about and was interested. Bernard turned around and included him in the conversation.

Mr Manengwa is from a place called “sixteen miles” some way out of Kapiri Mposhi. Bernard is now in touch with him, and has put him in touch with another Impact Team member called Jevais. In time we hope that another Life! Group will be established in Sixteen Miles, and it will all happen through God using a conversation on a bus.

As a charity we could spend thousands of pounds on marketing, posters, books and magazines. However valuing people and their contribution means that we have seen something much more powerful than that. Word of mouth and love spreading from one person to another in villages, on buses and in the fields.

By Hook or by Crook, both we and God will use any method to spread His work.

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