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A Team of Heroes!

April 12th, 2019 Posted by Impact Teams, News, People No Comment yet

Every movement needs heroes! For Dignity these people are our Impact Team members. They are local, trained, motivated and passionate about the work that God has called them to do. Impact Team members provide advocacy, advice and help to existing Life Groups as well as pioneering the Dignity movement across their region. Each month, Impact Teams meet to make plans, travel together, investigate new opportunities and provide follow up and support to Life Groups. We have seen that where Impact teams are working, Life Groups are flourishing.

We’ve been hearing from a few of our Team Leaders about what motivates them…

“The message of Dignity motivated me to be a part of the solution in the villages. It has the power to change people.” – John

“I was by then a bad person. I did bad things and I thought maybe I can’t manage to be in Dignity programme. But now I pray to God and he has changed me. Now, I am a teacher and I teach other people. I see that people are happy with Life Groups because they feel that they are being trusted with the work and given responsibility. They are like an army in waiting” – Precious

“As I went through the materials and as I taught them bit by bit, my nephews have found peace and received Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and have stopped drinking. This has brought peace to their homes.” – Myombo

“This is Samfya. This is our land. These are the people we want to reach.” – Pilius

“When we started Dignity in our area, people from different churches have begun to work together, to co-operate. When we started to co-operate, people who do not come to church, who do not know Christ, are now coming to know Christ because of the co-operation they have seen between us.” – Festers

“Dignity has brought love into the villages and the people around. It teaches people to love one another, to help one another.” – Esther

“People who do not attend church are showing up at Life Groups and coming to know Jesus there. They are asking for prayers for their relatives who do not know Jesus!” – Frenk

Giving & Growing

Dignity has another group of heroes that you don’t hear so much about. They are our regular givers whose faithfulness and generosity matches the faithfulness of the Impact Teams. At the moment there are 50 people and 5 churches who give to us regularly. The impact of their generosity is huge! We want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to those of you who give regularly. We so appreciate you!

Giving and Growing is our invite to you to join this team of heroes. If you set up a regular gift we are able to grow our Impact Teams. Your faithful generosity will have a direct impact in the amazing lives and everyday miracles taking place where Impact Teams work.

Please pause, pray and take action.


Thank you!