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Unity during election season

August 26th, 2021 Posted by Life Groups, News, People No Comment yet

Over the last weeks in Zambia, hundreds of people have adorned red and green t-shirts, hats and fabrics proudly displaying the colours of either UPND or PF, the two main political parties in Zambia. Election season has seen cadres (political campaigners) playing loud music and sensitising the electorate to the benefits of either party. There’s been quite a stark division between either side. In villages, town and cities across Zambia this divide has created lively discussion, arguments and occasionally violence.

Our world can seem to be full of division. There are arguments about COVID, the benefits of vaccination, conspiracy theories, climate change, politics, religion and more. Whether we find ourselves in a rural village in southern Africa or a bustling metropolis elsewhere, the situation can feel almost identical.

Perversely enough, this division of people stops us seeing that we need one another to overcome the very real challenges that face us at the start of the 21st century.

It is so very important to work together, that is a simple fact. Sharing tasks, resources and a concern for our fellow person. Common sense tells us this is the case. ‘Many hands make light work’ so the saying goes.

Perhaps with greater weight of words Jesus also tells in John 17 that, “I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one…..that they may be one as we are one”.

Father Samuel Zulu, an Anglican Priest and area trainer volunteering with Dignity in Zambia says, “This stuff is different, it works and is all inclusive to anyone and everyone”. The ‘stuff’ that Samuel is speaking of is Life Groups, the mainstay of Dignity’s work within communities. They’re really very simple. Firstly, get everyone together, no matter church denomination, party, religious background, or social level. Then help people to know one another, learn about Jesus with each other, and serve their community together. This way the resource of people within a community is unified through the power of the good news of Jesus to further the ‘good’ and the ‘helpful’.

Ken who lives close by in the village of Mankanda says, “I’m so thankful that this has helped me to know what God wants me to do.”

Samuel and Ken work together to plant Life Groups and help people take the good news seriously in the village around them. Imagine hundreds of people doing this and you begin to see the heart of the work of Dignity.

We really appreciate and need everyone’s involvement in our movement, including yours. You may be able to contribute directly, give a skill, contact others to start Life Groups or even do it yourself! You can also join us in praying – follow our social media for our 30 Minute Monday updates.

Red, blue, green, pink…whatever our colour we can achieve the purpose of Jesus for our community together.