Central Impact Team Surges Forward

May 21st, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

Last week I had the pleasure to meet with our Central Impact Team in Chibombo, a village area some 90km north of the capital, Lusaka. Impact Team members are drawn together from the same region, but usually live about 75 – 150 km from each other. This provides an avenue into many different communities and plenty of relationships that can be used to spread the word.

This was immediately apparent as I listened to the various stories and openings that the team have between them. I’ve listed some of them here, just to give an idea of the scope of the work.

Bernard is meeting with Kingsley and 30 other people in Katuba. 15 – 20 people have now begun gathering in Kumchanga, near the army camp. In Chimbombo area, 3 new villages have asked for groups to be started and have requested some training. Margaret is organising openings in Jairos and John (a village not a name!) towards Kabwe In Chief Mukali’s area, Whiteface has started another group for 20 people, with another two openings in Mubalashi and Katengr.

There are many other areas I could talk about as well. However to most people reading this they would just be meaningless names and places.

The important thing to consider is that in a small way this is now a Zambian movement of people. All of the above progress has happened whilst I was out of the country and under the teams own direction and work.

I’m very encouraged and in some ways amazed by what is happening. God is able to take anyone whether they be me or a villager and use us to enact fantastic works. It is this observation that is the cornerstone of our vision.

We aim that people will become Oaks of Righteousness in their own community. We have and are seeing that become a reality.

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