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Chalata is a settlement on the main road that crosses Zambia east to west and on the border with the Democratic Rebuplic of Congo. Easily seen from the road is the Chalata Secondary School, a large rural boarding school. It holds a special place in our own history as Jon and Jude lived there for some time before moving to Mkushi.

Whilst we had a physical presence in the area we ran a number of events and tried to plant the seeds of Life Groups. However, nothing took root.

We are excited to hear from our Central Impact Team that this may be about to change. After meeting with the Impact Team, the local Anglican Priest has been introducing the idea of Life Groups to the local church leaders. Together they have now invited the Central Impact Team to come and teach them more about Life Groups and how to help people in the community plant them!

Please pray for the Central Impact Team and everyone who will attend the training this week!

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