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Bernard and Gervas, members of our Central Impact Team, recently travelled to Mwinilunga in the North Western Province, roughly 750km from where they live. Here is what happened:

picture1111Kampemba village in Mwinilunga is about 35km from the boma [town] off Kabompo Road. During the first day of our training it was hard for us. We did not know where to start from. We could feel inside that people had a different thought about us and the program. I started with introducing myself and Gervas then went straight into introducing the work of Dignity. After that I said “It’s difficult to accept something that comes from outside”.

All this happened without me knowing that they were telling Dorothy who invited us to the area “How did you connect yourself to these people? One day you will bring trouble to this land! Mukushi [where Dignity is based] is very far from Mwinilunga”.

When I finished with the introduction I gave everyone some homework. I told them to go and ask God about our coming and this program of work. I said that if they believed it is from God we will stay, if not we will leave.
Day 2: They came back with a different face and started telling of dreams and visions from God, all dreams pointing to one thing “Go, Go, Go and Do the work!” One man in his dream was given 4 fishing hooks and he was told to share with others; he shared with 3 men from different churches. Another man in his dream saw 2 people in a class room; he joined them immediately and he heard a voice start to worship: “Now we are 3. Go out, lift the flag”. One women saw a big light shining at the all village. Another heard a voice saying “clean the houses of the 5 mother’s in the village ready for having baby’s”. These and more! God bless.

picture2222We are so encouraged to see God intervening in this area. We are willing to work hard, to travel far and do all we can to spread the good
news of Jesus and see the hope and change it brings in lives. However, we are reminded of the Psalm that says:

“Unless the Lord builds the house,
    the builders labour in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city,
    the guards stand watch in vain.”
Psalm 127 v 1

Without God’s intervention, Bernard and Gervas may have made the 750km journey in vain. So praise and glory to God who opened up the doors in the village of Kampemba!

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