Day of Prayer

November 18th, 2017 Posted by News No Comment yet
Pray with us right now!

Today is our day of prayer. Picking up on the themes from our year of prayer we have summed up “Where we are” and “Where we think God wants us to be”. We would love you to pray us into “Closing the gap” between those two things!

You can download and print these sheets or save them on your phone to help you pray throughout the day. There’s a bit of space for you to jot down and thoughts, images, verses or ideas God gives you as you pray for us. Please do share these with us.

We are expectant to hear from God!

Answered prayer in Kabuyu

We recently asked you to pray for Bernard and Gervas. They were being given a very frosty and suspicious welcome from the village leadership in Kabuyu village. Bernard described it as making them feel like Paul and Silas in Philippi. They spent a few hours answering many questions but eventually the headman and his elders decided to let them speak to the community as planned. As they were leaving the headmen said, “This program has come to help me because me, as a headman, I look after all the characters of people in the villages. You people are teaching that everyone is  allowed to be part of a Life Group. I am so happy.” Bernard says he thinks 2 Life Groups will begin in the village and he has asked us to pray for Collins who invited them to Kabuyu; for confidence in God and the fact that God can speak through him.

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