Dignity 300 Challenge Update

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December 2015 Update

Target 1: 300 Life Groups – SMASHED!!!

Wow! We’ve just had feedback from our Impact Teams and the number of Life Groups now meeting across rural Zambia and Namibia is 314. That’s an estimated 6,280 people learning more about loving God and loving their neighbour. Amazing! There will be many stories of redemption and hope emerging over the coming year.

This means that Stage 1 of the The Dignity 300 Challenge is complete… We were aiming for 300 Life Groups by the end of year and we’ve done it! Thank you God for your faithfulness… and thank you to all our team members for their hard work.

Target 2: £13,500 to sustain these groups – well on the way!

In order to sustain these groups, we want to raise £13,500. This is the cost of supporting 3 full Impact Teams for one year. So far we have raised a whopping £5,489.10! That’s over the amount for one team! Thank you to everyone who has helped make this happen. That means we still need to raise £8,010.90… We need 27 more people to raise £300 and will hit this target. You can help make this happen!

Stunning Grand Finale Announced

The stunning finale to The Dignity 300 Challenge will be the Welsh 3000s. This will be looking ahead and seeking to raise a further £15,000 to allow us to take on more Impact Team members throughout the year. In 2016 two teams of 10 walkers will conquer the 15 highest Welsh mountains. You could be on one of those teams. Find out more….

You can be the difference

There are three easy ways you can be the difference and help over 6,000 people receive ongoing Christian discipleship and bring real and lasting physical and spiritual hope to their communities.

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1. Take on the 300 Challenge and raise £300…sign up now!
2. Support our trustees in their 300 Challenge. Sponsor them here:
3. Conquer the Welsh 3000s! Find out more here.

To sign up for the 300 Challenge or the Welsh 3000s, email Jo Kimball on [email protected] or call our office on +44 (0) 161 434 8841.

Bringing 300 to Life

You can raise £300 in any way you can imagine…. swimming, cycling, drawing, baking, dancing, running, hosting an afternoon tea… Whatever you enjoy doing! You could commit to giving £300 yourself by setting up a regular gift of £25/month for one year. We look forward to hearing your ideas. £300 may seem like a big challenge but don’t worry. If you don’t quite make it, the money you raise will still make a difference.

300 Challenges completed or committed to so far…
[list_square] [li]300 cupcakes to be baked and sold[/li] [li]300 miles cycled[/li] [li]£300 raised in a “pop-up restaurant”[/li] [li]£300 to be donated to celebrate a 60th birthday[/li] [li]£300 to be raised by a Santa Fun Run[/li]

Send us your pictures so we can include them here!

Get a feel for for the type of difference this money will make through the work of Impact Teams and Life! Groups through these pictures.


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