Driving out fear

January 28th, 2021 Posted by News No Comment yet

“Perfect love drives out all fear” 1 John 4:18

Imagine that back in March 2020 you heard about a disease called COVID-19. You heard that it could kill you but you never heard how you could protect yourself. How would you feel?

For many people in rural villages of Zambia this is what they experienced. Whilst information was shared by radio, our teams regularly found that people either did not hear the information or they did not understand what it meant for them. Fear, mistrust and confusion was rife. People were eager to understand and protect themselves.

In November, Kennedy (pictured left) said,

“Covid-19 is a real issue for people. It’s easy to dismiss because you could just see people in the bush as not impacted as much. Some groups flourished in the time, some are still afraid. It was a real encouragement to receive the COVID-19 leaflets and Awaken.”

As 2021 begins we are hearing reports of growing numbers of COVID cases across Zambia. Fear is rising once again. Please stand with Life Groups in prayer.

Over the last year we have seen that Life Groups have brought hope, faith and love. We estimate that in excess of 900 Life Groups are now meeting across sub-Saharan Africa, with 18,000* people following Jesus and working together to bring freedom from poverty. Please pray for each of them to know the love of God and to be able to share this with those around them, driving out all fear.

Pray with Life Groups

Pray with the people in Life Groups! They want the people around them to know Jesus and to be set free from poverty.

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*Based on the last full survey (2019) and information we have verified this year, we believe there are now more than 900 groups, with an average of 20 people/group.

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