Esther’s Story

July 28th, 2017 Posted by Impact Teams, News No Comment yet

We recently visited the Impact Team in Katima Mulilo, Namibia. While there we were chatting to Carol who told us that she thought nothing would ever change. Having lived in the community for years she has seen many different agencies and political parties come and go. She has seen them make promises that have subsequently not been honoured. She has watched as people have waited and waited, feeling powerless to change what has become a culture of dependency. She spoke of an unwillingness or inability to stand for something different in the community where, “this is just the way it is”.

The fledgling Dignity Impact Team in the area believes otherwise. They believe there can be a change for the better and they are giving their time and energy to try and start a movement in their communities. Esther is part of the team and this is her story.

We are so thankful for Esther and those who she works with! Will you join us in supporting Esther and those like her by committing to pray for 1 week?

week of prayer

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