Faithfully Pressing On

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Frenk has been involved in the work of Dignity in his home area in Tanzania for some time now. He first attended a training event back in 2013 and reconnected with us when we visited Tanzania in 2015. By that time, he had helped a number of people plant Life Groups but these had fizzled out as we had not been able to return sooner and help build momentum.

On our return in 2015, Frenk welcomed us into his church and invited all those who had a run a Life Group before to attend. Shortly after this, Life Groups restarted in the area with a new sense of direction and purpose.

Skipping forward to today we understand there to be 34 Life Groups meeting in this area. This is thanks to the faithful work of the team that is emerging there. Frenk, Baraka, Onesima and Liton have been working together to organise local training events to help people start and run Life Groups. Frenk has been visiting local communities and recently, helped people from Uyunga, Mbagala and Igalukwa to plant Life Groups. Baraka has been helping to provide follow up and support to existing groups, and Onesima is planning a training event in Kyela next week. Liton, the only team member who speaks English, has been helping with translation and communication with us!

Together, this group of people are breaking the norm. They are exploring a new way of loving their communities, helping them live amazing lives and be part of everyday miracles. For the first time that this group of friends remember, they say that people are being encouraged by the fact that they can work together with people from different churches to help others know God. People are seeing that together, and with Jesus, they can be the answer to the challenges faced in their communities!

If you want to partner with Frenk, Baraka, Onesima and Liton to invest in this movement of amazing lives and everyday miracles, you can:
  • Pray for each of these four men. They need God given opportunities, wisdom and strength as they volunteer their time to serve their communities.
  • Help us cover the costs of the training events they run. We expect this to be in the region £75 a month. You can do this through our total giving page right here:

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