Four years on and still making a difference!

May 22nd, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

Father Cornelius Chalwe is an Anglican Priest from Nchelenge, a town in northern Zambia. He has been working with Dignity for four years and is now overseeing 20 small village groups located within a 40km radius of his town. Following a conference led by Dignity in 2009, eleven initial Life! groups, under Father Cornelius’ direction, were set up to take the Gospel of Jesus into the local villages.

With individual lives being transformed at an amazing rate, the Holy Spirit is now working through these people to help those in their villages who are desperately struggling to survive. By growing some extra maize, and other vegetable crops and raising more chickens and goats, five of these groups can now provide food to help feed the most needy in their communities. Whilst we all want to see neighbours helping neighbours, the remarkable thing was that these villagers were never told to carry out any of these actions by Dignity or Father Cornelius.

It’s worth remembering, that these actions came from people who live in a country where some statistics suggest that the average life expectancy is about 40 and where over a third of the country has HIV-Aids with TB, Cholera, Malaria and other life threatening illnesses. In addition to this, there is little work in the rural areas and people have no option other than to survive in whatever way they can.

Dignity’s aim is transform these people’s lives through knowing Jesus and so far, this is has been a success!

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