Freedom Happens

January 10th, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

Last May, Jon, Cornelius and Augustine travelled to Mwinilunga to train a number of potential Life! Group Leaders. Since that time many groups have appeared throughout the area and even into Angola.

Recently, Bernard Witika and his wife Doreen travelled to Mwinilunga to follow up the work that has been planted there, and in particular meet up with Pastor’s John and Loves who live in the region. Both have been instrumental in the work.

The bottom line is that both John, Loves and indeed others, have reported that the number of Life! Groups is growing and there are many stories of lives being changed.

One such story belongs to a lady who attends a Life! Group just outside of Mwinilunga. For years she had been suffering from troubled dreams, strange behavior, sickness and social problems. Her family was very concerned about her. Hearing about a Life! Group they took her to one.

The Life! Group prayed for her. Her main problem was that her family was steeped in Satanism and had cursed her from an early age. Whilst it may seem strange, this hold on her life was removed through prayer and all of the problems she was experiencing have ceased. She is now accepted in the Life! Group, her family and goes to a local church regularly. Her life is completely different.

This is what happens when ordinary Christians get involved in the lives of others. Freedom happens…….

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