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We have a growing network of people who are helping Dignity’s work by fundraising. Without this support, we wouldn’t have the financial resource to do things like operate Mibila Village Clinic and supply it with medicine or plant new Life! initiatives to help community transfomation projects.

Whether it’s running a marathon, holding a coffee morning or having a garage sale, we are always grateful to find people who’d like to fundraise for Dignity!

To start fundraising straight away why not create your own justgiving page, share it with your friends and give people a really easy way to donate to Dignity and get on board with your activity just visit

You don’t even have to put on a fundraising event you can use justgiving to collect donations in memory of someone, on a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday. In fact you can use it anyway you want.

Ambassador Scheme

At Dignity we run an Ambassador scheme where you (or a group of friends/a church/a community group etc) can sign up to raise a certain amount money for us on a more regular basis (yearly/quarterly etc) for more information about this scheme please email [email protected]

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