Further Journeys into Northern Province

June 16th, 2019 Posted by News No Comment yet

After speaking with Musonda in Chambeshi, just south of Kasama, Bernard continued his journey north. About 40km out of Kasama, he reached the village of Nseluka. (To read about what happened in Chambeshi, click here!)

Bernard was able to meet with some church leaders who had never heard of Dignity – or indeed anything like Dignity. The whole concept of uniting the Christian family was new to them, but they embraced it and were very happy to listen more.

They explained that they sometimes met with a Pastors Fellowship, a gathering made up of senior church leaders, pastors and elders. However, the meetings never had any direction, the men would gather only to pray and meet with friends. There is no driving force to make the Fellowship go forward.

Bernard was able to explain that Dignity is open to everyone – not only senior members of the church and that anyone can lead a Life Group (as long as they can read!) This especially caught their attention, and Bernard said, made them the happiest:

“This can really help the Christians in the church to grow because the more they get involved in teaching and explaining the scriptures… the more they will be able to understand the word of God.”

The church leaders have stayed in touch with Bernard, and the plan is for the Dignity Zambia team to travel back to start with the school of rural evangelism!

You can pray for:

  • God to further inspire the Pastors Fellowship as they begin to share the idea of Life Groups with others.
  • Open doors to communities and ‘fertile ground’ for Life Groups.
  • An increased understanding of the word of God as people begin to study it together in a new way.


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