God’s very best idea

June 26th, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

In Musonda Falls, Zambia, a Life Group has just begun to meet. How in a time of uncertainty and with restrictions on travel has this form of ‘church’ sprung up in the middle of a community?

Day to day life in Zambia at the moment varies greatly from one place to another. Even in places where movement is more free, there exists an atmosphere of reduced movement and fear. For obvious reasons, Impact Team volunteers have been travelling less, meaning that in some ways, things have been going slower. This is not surprising.

Yet, a new Life Group has begun!

It was planted by an existing group who already meet close by. They didn’t have to travel. They know how and why to start a Life Group because we have been faithfully and consistently teaching Life Groups how to replicate themselves, like cells in a body. Best of all, they already know people in the community.

In this season, Impact Teams have been working hard to maintain contact with Life Groups, encouraging them and showing that they are not forgotten, they are valuable to God and that he will continue to use them. We have written and translated materials that have been sent to Life Groups, demonstrating that they are worth the best we can give.

People are believing for themselves that they really are God’s very best idea. They are understanding that they can work together to bring Jesus to their community and to fight poverty. They are pioneering, carrying hope and life to the communities around them!

Join us in praying for more Life Groups to take this step of replicating themselves.

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