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You are passionate about the gospel and discipleship.

You see the places where it’s needed – often poor, rural or hard to reach.

Learn about the strategies and tools that could lead to a movement of the poor to reach the furthest parts of Africa.

Dignity is a movement of volunteers, missions and churches who work together to evangelise, disciple and bring practical help to people where there is poverty and low education. We work in geographically or linguistically hard to reach regions, or where there is little or no church. The aim is simply that more people come to know Jesus, Christian community is born, the wider community finds solutions within themselves, and everyday people realise they are ‘sent’.

We encourage individuals and groups of friends to plant Life Groups: communities on mission together.

Life Groups can act as a church in places where there is not one. In other places they unify the people and mission resource of the existing church to reach their community with the gospel. This is particularly important in poorer locations where Life Groups combine the life and contribution of every person to make the whole a strong unit for mission and overcoming disadvantage together.

Life Groups welcome those often seen as the least and those on the margins. People are taught to follow Jesus and the groups work practically to help their communities. After some time, the groups seek to reproduce and plant out new Life Groups.

Join us online for four sessions to learn about the reaching deep into Africa with Life Groups. You can use them to build community, bring people to Jesus and overcome disadvantage.

    • 16th September 2022: 1-2pm WAT/2-3pm CAT
    • 23rd September 2022: 1-2pm WAT/2-3pm CAT
    • 30th September 2022: 1-2pm WAT/2-3pm CAT
    • 7th October 2022: 1-2pm WAT/2-3pm CAT

We look forward to seeing you!

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