How can we be a part of this?

July 23rd, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

Did you see us publishing Love Your Village on social media recently? Did you think it would make a difference?

We decided to publish it freely without knowing what impact it may have, if any!

As we’ve been keeping in touch with teams, we are seeing an exciting picture emerge. They have been forwarding Love Your Village to friends and contacts in places where they have been trying to start Life Groups. They have shared a session each week and have been following up with calls or messages.

In these areas, through an ever expanding network of people, it is becoming clear that people are thirsty for truth and for hope.

People are asking, “How can we be part of this thing?” 10 Life Groups have begun as a direct result of this digital pioneering.

As ever, our volunteer teams will keep in touch with these groups. They will help people understand how to sustain a Life Group and have to plant more. They will trust them to carry the work forward in their community. It will look different to normal of course – a team member would normally visit in person!

How exciting though to know that God continues to stir people’s hearts, to use the work of our hands and to bring people to him.

We are seeing that our written materials are acting in the same way as Paul’s letters to the early church did; they bring encouragement, connection and guidance. We are working hard to:

  • continue to produce materials in a number of languages.
  • compile our materials into an exciting new format that will help people plant a Life Group regardless of whether a Dignity representative can visit them.
  • create robust distribution channels (SMS, digital and hard copy) that will mean our materials can be accessed easily, wherever you are.

Please pray for us in this area of work. It is both exciting and challenging!

If you would like to help us with the writing, translating and distributing materials you can give a financial gift, take on our 2020 Challenge or help with our proof-reading and typesetting. Click on the images below to find out more…

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